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William-DaleWilliam Dale MD University of Chicago, Advisory Board

A board-certified Internist, Geriatrician, Palliative Medicine physician and Health Policy PhD, and the Section Chief of Geriatrics & Palliative Medicine at the University of Chicago.

A geriatrician with a doctorate in health policy and extensive experience in oncology, William Dale, MD, PhD, has devoted his career to the care of older adults with cancer — particularly prostate cancer. Dr. Dale has a special interest in the identification and treatment of vulnerable older patients who have complex medical conditions, including cancer. He is actively researching the interactions of cancer therapies with changes associated with aging.

Dr. Dale established and co-directs the Specialized Oncology Care & Research in the Elderly (SOCARE) clinic at the University of Chicago in 2006. This unique program offers interdisciplinary, individualized, and integrated treatment for older adults with cancer. In the SOCARE clinic, Dr. Dale and his colleagues give special consideration to the needs of older cancer patients and survivors, and address specific issues relevant to older cancer patients and their loved ones.

Dr. Dale’s clinical research projects are integrated into the SOCARE clinic. With expertise in medical decision-making, quality of life, and frailty, he is studying the role of emotions in decisions about screening, diagnosis, and treatment. He also collaborates widely on interdisciplinary research that integrates the clinical and social sciences.

Dr. Dale teaches and mentors medical students, residents, and fellows in the multidisciplinary concerns of older adults with cancer. He is a founding editor of the Journal of Geriatric Oncology. He is widely published in prominent journals, such as the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Journal of the National Cancer Institute, Cancer, and Medical Care.

I have particular interest in behavioral economics and medical decision making for older adults, with a very specific interest in understanding the role of anxiety in medical decision making.