Bucket List Parties

Bucket List Parties are fun and engaging conversation starters and work best in group settings of 10-30 people.  Each party is designed to begin the advance care planning conversation through the sharing of personal bucket list wishes and values among participants. Participants can choose to read their own wishes, or can have them pulled from a communal bucket to be read by others, which certainly adds to the fun while allowing for anonymity. Our Bucket List Parties represent the cornerstone of our work at The Final Acts Project. Anyone can host a Bucket List Party at their location of choice (home, office, place of worship) using one of our facilitators. There is no charge to have a facilitator at the event. We will be adding helpful tips for hosting a successful Bucket List Party in January of 2017 on our website. It will be a free, downloadable guide. Each host and hostess will receive a surprise gift for hosting a party and helping us to spread the conversation around advance care planning. You can email us if you are interested in hosting a party through our website. We look forward to hearing from you!  

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Advance Care Planning Workshops

Advance Care Planning (ACP) Workshops will be offered for free to those who have attended a Bucket List Party and to community members. They will be supported by qualified Social Workers who have been thoroughly trained in the completion of ACP’s. Qualified social workers are in the best position to support our mission. They have the training and expertise to ensure all attendees have the appropriate paperwork, and can answer any questions that may arise.  They are in the prime position of offering attendees the best chance of ensuring their end of life wishes are honored.  

It would be helpful to bring a friend, spouse or family member to support and affirm the process of completion.



Creative and performing arts are a time-honored way of paying attention.  When issues are complex and difficult, active and interactive experiences and storytelling becomes a forum for exploration, expression, and development of dialogue and strategy.  The creative arts produce a shared experience of language and actions, whether it is in theatre or through local galleries, libraries, museums, houses of worship and conversation groups. It is an inclusive and social way to mirror dilemmas and offer insights into possible actions and answers.  Since theatre is a collaborative art that employs components of other visual and performing arts, it provides a core experience, which can radiate out into other artistic and creative endeavors.  When created within and by local communities, theatre can provide a local relevance while grounded in the universal aspects of human experience. Most importantly, theatre is simultaneously a social, communal and individual experience.  It is a way to engage people on several levels, allowing people to think together, to trace possibilities for themselves and others.  It is communication on both an individual and social level.  It is also a means for exploring those questions that are difficult to ask and to answer, particularly in isolation….like the questions we all have about the final act of life.

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In using the arts and humanities through varied aesthetics and contexts, The Final Acts Project can stimulate a multiplicity of responses concerning the interpretation of end-of-life issues and its many facets, as well as provide greater impetus for social transformation through a dramatic interpretive lens, one that helps us to clarify end-of-life care planning issues. Any given performance and/or Humanities event will no doubt absorb multiple narratives, a testimony to its ability to create a range of interpretations for different people and diverse communities.

A humanistic approach to understanding the human condition and our experience is a great model and foundation for gaining a deeper appreciation for difficult topics.  


Creative Arts

The Creative Arts have been shown to be an effective modality for reflection, education, imaginative expression. Our Creative Arts Program invites participants into the interior world of the artist and of viewing artistic expression as a metaphor for meaning.

The creative arts have a long and well-documented history of helping others apply what they have learned in a creative format to problem solving and self-expression in other fields.

The power and beauty of an individual’s imaginative faculty cannot be overstated and will be leveraged throughout our programming.

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