Theater, Creative Arts and Humanities Supporting End of Life Education and Planning.

The Final Acts Project believes every individual should have the opportunity to write his or her own life script, including the final act of his or her life. The organization was founded in 2014 and aims to develop and facilitate extended community and professional networks of support, conversation, and action around end-of-life planning. The organization addresses determinants of health outcomes by leveraging volunteers to create and replicate models that can be adapted to meet the needs of specific audiences.

The Final Acts Project uses the arts and humanities to entice and inspire viewers and participants to discuss a scary but important topic – death. With the conversation started in an open, friendly environment, the organization can then get people thinking and planning for their future, right until the very end.


The Final Acts Project

Theater, Creative Arts and Humanities Supporting End of Life Education and Planning

The Final Acts Project initiatives include:

  • Arts and Humanities programming: including, but not limited to theater and creative arts presentations, music performances and lectures that focus on the subject of death and dying in a way that encourages reflection, conversation and action.
  • Bucket List Parties: social events that allow discussion of the end of life in a positive and engaging format.
  • Workshops to complete Advanced Directives: opportunities to engage at a deeper level and complete the needed steps to complete an end-of-life plan.
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